Space shuttle Atlantis photographed from nearby passenger plane

July 9, 2011

You may remember a few weeks ago when space shuttle Endeavour blasted off for the final time and the unique photograph captured by Stefanie Gordon who was in a commercial passenger plane at the time.  Well that photo isn’t quite as unique today as it once was as Ryan Graff has captured a very similar shot of the final mission for space shuttle Atlantis today.

Images © Ryan Graff/Twitpic

It’s interesting to note than these shots were taken with an iPhone 4.  It’s truly wonderful to live in an age where we all have the potential to capture remarkable shots as and when they occur thanks to the ever more capable little cameras in our pockets, travelling with us everywhere we go!  It may be a sad time for the future of space travel but it’s also a massively exciting time for photography.

You can read the full story behind these images including some comments from the photographer, Ryan Graff on the Huffington Post article linked below.

From: The Huffington Post

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