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Trading fear for photos

June 5, 2011

Reuters photojournalist Pak Bea was onboard a flight from Singapore to Jakarta with his family when one of the planes engines exploded.

In the face of adversity and unsure what was about to happen he picked up his camera and instead of becoming hysterical started to take shots of the situation unfolding around him.  Fortunately the plane went on the land safely but by all accounts it was an extremely terrifying situation for all of the passengers onboard the plane.

I find it incredible that given the enormity of the situation and being with his wife and children this photographer had the presence of mind to take photographs of the situation. I guess the years spent working as a photojournalist had fine tuned his instincts. I’m not sure photographing the planes descent would have been my top priority if I’m honest but it certainly makes an absolutely fascinating story.

All images © Pak Bea\Reuters

You can see the shots and read the full story on the Reuters blog.


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On the ball

June 4, 2011

A shot of a deer that I took this weekend on Arne nature reserve in Dorset, UK. 

View this image on Flickr

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The watcher

June 3, 2011
A shot of a seagull sitting watch on top of some beachhuts taken in Sandbanks, Poole in the UK.
View this image on Flickr

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June 3, 2011
A sunset shot featuring a lonely tree taken in Bere Regis, Dorset, UK.

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Lightning bolt a little too close for comfort for photographers

May 26, 2011

When I initially saw this video of a photographer’s near miss with lightning I was absolutely shocked.

Admittedly it resulted in a spectacular photo and fortunately everyone was okay on this occasion but I would seriously have to think twice before choosing to stand quite so close to the action in future.

Video of the moment this was taken can be viewed below:

This is one incredibly fortunate photographer. Wow.

Be safe!

Image © William Nguyen Phuoc

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Battle At F-Stop Ridge

May 19, 2011
Battle At F-Stop Ridge

© The Camera Store

I saw this superb viral video earlier today and simply had to share it.

According to an article on the Huffington Post:

Battle at F-Stop Ridge, a promotional video for The Camera Store, a 32-employee photography shop in Calgary, features eight employees in a field battling it out with tripods, cameras, lenses and a hand grenade (or, in this case, a flash).

Jordan Drake, who runs The Camera Store’s video department, told The Huffington Post that the video took two days to produce and only one day to shoot. He spent about seven hours editing it.

You can read the article in full on the Huffington Post web site.

The video is certainly over the top but as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing!


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Space Shuttle Endeavour launches another Twitter celebrity

May 17, 2011

Twitter always seems to be on top of the latest news stories and has made a number of internet celebrities along the way.  Most notably perhaps Janis Krums’ photo of the U.S. plane that crash landed in New York’s Hudson River in January 2009.

Yesterday another internet celebrity was born as Nasa launched the space shuttle Endeavour for the very last time and Stefanie Gordon happened to be descending on her flight from New York to Palm Beach. Using her iPhone she was able to catch the following shot which subsequently went viral:

Image © Stefanie Gordon

Image © Stefanie Gordon


Mashable have the full story but here is a brief extract:

When Stefanie Gordon boarded her plane in New York City to visit her parents in Palm Beach, the captain noted there was a chance passengers would witness the space shuttle Endeavour’s last launch during the flight. But she never expected to play a role in documenting it.

As the plane descended toward Palm Beach and the Endeavour’s launch became visible, Gordon pulled out her iPhone and snapped a few photos and a short video. On the ground, she posted one of the photos to her then 1,800 Twitter followers.

In a few hours, she was fielding phone calls from ABC, the BBC and CNBC. She had accumulated about 1,000 new Twitter followers, and she had to turn the @mention push notifications off on her phone so they wouldn’t drain the battery.


What an incredible shot and it just goes to show the possibilities that are offered by combining a smartphone with social media and a spot of good fortune!

Happy shooting!

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Frank Oscar Larson – Street photographer from 1950s NYC recently discovered

May 14, 2011

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about the recently discovered but sadly deceased street photographer Vivian Maier (1926-2009).  Vivian Maier spent most of her life working as a nanny but spent almost 40 years beginning in the 1950s photographing Chicago during her free time.  Her huge body of work was never displayed and was unknown until being discovered after her death.  You can read a little more about her here.

Well it turns out that another wonderful street photographer has recently been discovered after his death and from what we know so far this is an equally fascinating story.  According to the information available on The Perfect Exposure Gallery website (who are currently exhibiting some of the work)  Frank Oscar Larson (1896-1964) lived and worked in Queens NTC in the 1950s and was passionate about street photography.  Like Vivian Maier he spent much of his free time wandering around the city with his Rolleiflex camera taking shots of anything that caught his eye, visiting locations such as Chinatown, Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square & Central Park.  Frank developed and printed his own film but much of the work was never seen by anyone other than him.  Sadly Larson died in 1968 and his work would remain undiscovered until a box of negatives would be discovered some 45 years later.

I have to say that I find this work absolutely fascinating.  There is something incredibly compelling about images taken from a completely different era, especially candid shots like this rather than the iconic celebrity and landscape shots we are more used to seeing.

Here are a few examples of his work (more of the work can be seen by following the links below):

All images © Frank Oscar Larson

An exhibition entitled “Reflections of New York” featuring the work of Frank Oscar Larson has just ended at the Perfect Exposure Gallery in LA.  The information is still available on the gallery website as well as lots more examples of his work.  I would urge you to take a look while it is still available.

Frank Oscar Larson’s website

Information about the “Reflections of New York” exhibition

Examples of Frank Oscar Larson’s work

Happy shooting!

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Elliott Erwitt set to receive Lifetime Achievement award

May 7, 2011

On Tuesday 10th May 82 year old veteran photographer Elliot Erwitt is due to receive the Infinity Award for Lifetime Achievement from the International Center of Photography. 

They will be exhibiting some of his favourite pictures later in the month and to mark the ocassion his son Misha Erwitt carried out an interview with him which can now be read on the NYTime Lens blog right now along with a selecion of Elliott Erwitt’s iconic shots.

All images © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos

Take a look at the article on the the NYTimes Lens blog for the full interview and gallery.

Happy shooting!

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The Day of the Mums

May 6, 2011

A very quick post to say that Sunday May 8th is Mother’s Day in the States (it was back in March for those of us living in the UK) and Slate Magazine have published a bunch of photos of mothers to celebrate the day.

I really enjoyed viewing them and thought that you might just enjoy them too.  I particularly enjoyed the images below:

© Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos

© Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos

© Alex Majoli / Magnum Photos

© Alex Majoli / Magnum Photos


You can view the full gallery of 26 images on Slate Magazine on the following URL:

Happy Mother’s day and of course, happy shooting!

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