Symmetry in nature

February 20, 2011

Just a very quick post to share a photo I took while driving home this afternoon.

I spotted these seagulls resting on the heads of some floating swan rides and immediately had to stop the car to get the shot.  A random passer by looked at me with my camera and then looked out to where my lens was pointing and remarked “That’s really funny, I just wish I’d brought my camera out today”.

So it just goes to show that it’s always worth having a camera handy if possible to capture those quirky unexpected moments.

Have a great weekend!

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About the author

UK based photographer Mark J P.

  • Kin

    great opportunist shot!

  • David

    very cool.
    r u sure u didn’t Photoshop this? ;)

    • Mark

      Hi David,

      Definitely not photoshopped! :)

      Thanks for the comment.