Lightning bolt a little too close for comfort for photographers

May 26, 2011

When I initially saw this video of a photographer’s near miss with lightning I was absolutely shocked.

Admittedly it resulted in a spectacular photo and fortunately everyone was okay on this occasion but I would seriously have to think twice before choosing to stand quite so close to the action in future.

Video of the moment this was taken can be viewed below:

This is one incredibly fortunate photographer. Wow.

Be safe!

Image © William Nguyen Phuoc

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UK based photographer Mark J P.

  • Kuyler

    You just followed me on Twitter, so I figured I’d check out your stuff – really nice!

    I’ve actually been struck by lightning while photographing before. Not at all a pleasant experience, but it was (luckily) diffused through a big metal tent before it went through me. Still not something I’d recommend or repeat.

    • Mark J P

      Wow, that’s incredible (and terrifying). Glad to hear you’re okay!  Thanks for the positive feedback! :)