Trading fear for photos

June 5, 2011

Reuters photojournalist Pak Bea was onboard a flight from Singapore to Jakarta with his family when one of the planes engines exploded.

In the face of adversity and unsure what was about to happen he picked up his camera and instead of becoming hysterical started to take shots of the situation unfolding around him.  Fortunately the plane went on the land safely but by all accounts it was an extremely terrifying situation for all of the passengers onboard the plane.

I find it incredible that given the enormity of the situation and being with his wife and children this photographer had the presence of mind to take photographs of the situation. I guess the years spent working as a photojournalist had fine tuned his instincts. I’m not sure photographing the planes descent would have been my top priority if I’m honest but it certainly makes an absolutely fascinating story.

All images © Pak Bea\Reuters

You can see the shots and read the full story on the Reuters blog.


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